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Memory Impairment goes by many names, with Dementia and Alzheimer’s being the most common. It’s invisible, takes those we love away, and is frightening.

At The Georgian Lakeside, we have a devoted community of Resident Assistants who assist seniors with mild to advanced memory impairment.

These professionals understand that there is a person yearning for connection, relevance, and normalcy. Their impairment bewilders them and they are subject to a reality only they experience.

There are no cures for these impairments, but methods have been created which help Resident Assistants align themselves with whatever the resident is experiencing. When successful, residents feel reassured, calm, and not so alone.

Our goal at The Georgian Lakeside is to enrich each memory impaired resident’s life with meaning and purpose whenever possible.

Resident using IN2L

Meaning and Purpose – Our program centers on those two simple words. These very basic human needs continue to be met in Memory Care regardless of a person’s condition.

Involvement in every day tasks, such as sweeping a floor or folding towels provides tremendous satisfaction for the resident. They are active and making a contribution, which enriches their day moment to moment.

But we go deeper than simply staying active. Throughout Memory Care, we provide physical materials to provide purpose and encourage participation. These materials are wonderful opportunities for reminiscence, conversations, and engagement.


It’s Never 2 Late Software – The Georgian Lakeside uses this powerful professionally developed senior software in its Memory Care community to challenge residents and transform temperaments.

IN2L is used daily to focus residents and capture their attention as they explore the world, play simple games, and create art on the touchscreen.

Resident using IN2L

The Georgian Lakeside is so much more than ordinary Senior Living. Ask us how.