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Care is at the Core of The Georgian Lakeside. In fact, it’s why we’re here.

Every resident receives individualized care based on their needs when they move in. As their needs change, so does the level of care we provide. But don’t worry about the cost changing too. Your family member’s care is delivered under our all inclusive price. Unlike typical communities, we don’t charge more to care more.

The care at The Georgian Lakeside is directed by our on site Health and Wellness Director.

Nutrition – Our Dining Services Director strictly follows the dietary guidelines for each resident and designs meals for taste and appearance. This dining experience provides seniors with choice and respect, which fit perfectly in a life of Wellness.

The Care Staff – Technology alone isn’t the answer. We only hire the most qualified Resident Assistants, which are led by our RN as the full-time Health and Wellness Director. These are committed professionals and they specialize exclusively in senior care.

The Fitness Equipment – Strength training increases stability and promotes overall health. We use senior-safe equipment with gentle compressed air for resistance. Residents can use as little as 1 pound of “weight” to stay fit.

The Director of Excitement – Setting the expectation of excitement in the community and delivering it is the full time responsibility of the Director of Excitement. This critical role makes life fun and enhances the wellness that comes from sharing good times with friends.

Working with the Nurse
Senior Safe strength training equipment

The Georgian Lakeside is operated by Thrive Senior Living of Atlanta, GA.

Watch this short video to understand the hearts of Thrive’s Founder and President.

You’ll discover why this is Assisted Living Like You’ve Never Seen Before!